How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages between Android and iPhone

September 28 2017 00:32 am/ Post By Amber to WhatsApp

Nowadays smart device users would like to change their mobile phones or tablets regularly because of the rapidly changed technology. Then you may probably encounter the data transfer problem, usually including your important contacts, messages, photos and etc. From our users' complaints, WhatsApp messages transfer between Android and iPhone 8/7(plus)/6(plus)/6S(plus) goes up to the first rank. If you need to transfer WhatsApp conversations from Android to iOS or from iOS to Android, you will be relieved and find a suitable solution from this post. 

Solution 1: By Email Chat 

Solution 2: By WhatsApp Backup

Solution 3: By a WhatsApp Transfer Tool


Solution 1: By Email Chat 

  1. Open WhatsApp on your source Android/iOS device and go to Settings -> Chats Settings -> Chat History -> Email chat.

  2. Choose the WhatsApp messages which you need to transfer. A pop-up window saying "attaching media will generate a larger email message" will appear. You can click "Without media" or "Attach Media" according to your needs. Please note that transferring WhatsApp chats with media will take longer time.

  3. Type your email address on the sending page and press "Send" button.

  4. Once the messages have been sent, log into your email account on your destination iOS/Android device. Then you can view the transferred WhatsApp chat history.


Note: You can not sync the emailed messages and attachments to the WhatsApp application on your new Android/iOS device.

Solution 2: By WhatsApp Backup 

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to "Settings -> Chats > Chat backup" to backup WhatsApp messages on your source Android/iOS device.

  2. Uninstall WhatsApp on your source phone and install this app on your target device.

  3. Sign into WhatsApp on your new phone with the same phone number. Then you will receive a pop-up window that notice you to restore the backup files.

  4. Click the restore option. Your backed up WhatsApp conversations will be then transferred between Android and iPhone. 


Solution 3: By a WhatsApp Transfer Tool 

If you are still unsatisfied with the above two ways, you can depend on a third-party software, for example, Yolisoft Phone Data Transfer

download-windows-version.png   download-mac-version.png

  1. Install and launch this WhatsApp messages transfer tool on your PC or Mac.

  2. Both Connect your Android and iPhone to computer via USB cables. You need agree to "Backup My Data" when this message pops up on your phone.

  3. Go to your source Android/iOS device on computer. Your WhatsApp messages will be automatically shown on the screen. Right click your device name and select "Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone" or "Transfer Messages from iPhone to Android" to complete.


In the End: This article shows you the top 3 solutions on how to transfer WhatsApp messages and (photo, video, audio) attachments from Android to iPhone 8(plus)/X/7(plus)/6(plus)/6S(plus)/5S, or from iPhone to Android like the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, etc. You can choose a proper way to help you the best.