How to Permanently Delete Text Messages from your Android Phone

December 13 2017 17:50 pm/ Post By Jeffrey to Android Eraser

Nowadays, message sending is the most common way to keep in touch with our friends and family. There should be lots of messages on your phone after a period of time. When you decide to sell your old Android device or give it to other people, you need to do something to prevent your privacy from being leaked. 


Generally, the most common way you might consider to delete old text messages on android is to use the built-in delete function. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the Messages application.

Step 2: Select the message you want to delete, and then tap and hold them.

Step 3: Choose Delete from the Message options.

But you should pay attention the above-mentioned solution is not 100% safe. Even if you perform factory reset on your Android, the deleted SMS messages can still be retrieved by some data recovery tools. You definitely don't want some sensitive messages to be seen by people you don't know. If you don't want your private info being accessed by unauthorized parties, you can find a perfect solution in the following paragraphs.

How to Permanently Delete Text Messages on Android 

Yolisoft Safe Eraser is a good choice if you want to make your text messages unrecoverable. It can help you completely and permanently erase all the data that you don't need on Android. No traceable footprints can be found on your phone after the erasure. It is the safest way to protect your personal information. Only a few steps are needed to safely wipe your SMS messages out of the system:

download-windows-version.png   download-mac-version.png

Step 1: Install and run Yolisoft Safe Eraser on your PC.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging On Your Android Device, then connect your Android to computer with a USB cable.

Step 3: After your phone is identified, hit the "Erase All Data" button.

Step 4: Carefully read the instructions before you confirm the erase. Your Android will like brand new after that. Type "delete" in the black to confirm the process of deletion. If you have any important text messages, please back them up in advance.


Additional info: This eraser supports erasing many types of data, important ones like contacts, call logs, SMS, photos, music, videos, etc. It's a powerful tool to help you solve problems, which can satisfy your needs. If you are using an iPhone, please read how to permanently delete text messages/iMessages from iPhone 7/6S/6.