HEIC to JPG Converter - Best Solutions to Convert HEIC to JPG Format

December 18 2017 21:22 pm/ Post By Yoli Software to HEIC

Since the release of iOS 11, a new image file format - HEIC (High Efficiency Image File Format) rolls out. It is used for new photos taken on all iOS 11 devices by default. The main advantage of this format is that it can help you save a lot of memory space, because it only has about half the size of JPG while keeping the same quality. As HEIC is a new file format, some incompatibilities are inevitable. For example, when you try to open an HEIC file on Windows, you will find you can't. All third-party photo editors and even Windows' own Photos application doesn't support this format. 

If you are an Apple user, and are facing the same problem of opening HEIC files, you can find the solutions here. The best way is to convert HEIC photos to JPG or JPEG format. Compared with HEIC, JPG is more acceptable by most apps. In this post, we are going to show you the top 3 ways to do this. 


Top 1: With HEIC to JPG Converter 

Desktop software like Yolisoft HEIC Converter is professional to help you convert iOS 11 photos from HEIC format to JPG. It is simple to use and time-saving. 


  1. Download and run this tool on your Windows 10, 8, 7, XP or Vista computer. (The Mac version is arriving soon.)

  2. Connect your iPhone or iPad device to computer and trust this PC.

  3. On the software, select "Convert Single Photo" or "Convert Photos in Batch" according to your need.

  4. Import the HEIC photos you want to convert from your iPhone into this software. (You can find the HEIC photos in the DCIM folder of your device memory.)

  5. Hit the "Convert" button, then all your photos will be converted to JPG/JPEG automatically in a while. 


Top 2: Convert HEIC to JPG Online 

Some online services like apowersoft, aconvert, freetoolonline, etc allows users to do the conversion within web browsers. Here we take aconvert.com as example to illustrate the process.

  1. Visit the site in a browser on computer.

  2. On the left of homepage, click "Image". Then you will see the convert image file function.

  3. Add the source HEIC file and click "Convert Now". After that, you can download the converted file.

Disadvantages: You can only convert one file at once. And the conversion will cost you relatively longer time due to server respond speed.


Top 3: Convert HEIC to JPG in Google Drive

If you have installed Google Drive on your iPhone or iPad, you can directly upload the HEIC photos to this cloud storage service. After the uploading, the photos will be transformed to .jpeg format automatically. You don't need to do anything else. Afterwards, you can share the items in Google Drive through Mail or by other means. (Note: when asked to send in which size, please select original file size if you want to get the best result.)


Other tips: How to Make iDevices Stop Capturing Pictures in HEIC?

  1. Enter "Settings" on iDevice, scroll down and choose "Camera".

  2. In the coming options, hit "Formats".

  3. Here you will see 2 choices. "High Efficiency" is marked by default, change it to "Most Compatible".