Top Way to Permanently Delete Sensitive Photos from iPhone

December 13 2017 17:52 pm/ Post By Jeffrey to iPhone Eraser

Compared with other mobile devices, iPhone does better at protecting users' privacy. If someone hasn't got your permission or passcode, he or she won't be able to get access to the data stored on your device easily. However, if you want to sell or donate your iPhone one day in future, would you feel nervous about the sensitive photos saved in your phone? Even if you perform "Erase all content and settings" on iPhone, the deleted photos might still be recoverable with the help of some professional data recovery software. 

"I will sell my old iPhone 6 online, what I concern now is how can I permanently erase photos in the camera roll from my iPhone without the chance of recovery?" - asked by Carla


Just like Carla, you may also face the same problem. In order to protect your privacy from being leaked, you need to take advantage of some iPhone Eraser software to help you delete the sensitive files safely. 

How to Safely Remove Photos from iPhone

Yolisoft Phone Eraser is a powerful program you can use to wipe photos from your iPhone 8, X, 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5S, SE, 5, 4, permanently. Besides camera roll photos, app photos and other pictures in your iPhone can also be wiped. With flexible data erase modes, you can choose to erase both existing and deleted photographs in your iPhone. Make your data safe at the most extend. 

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Steps to Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone

1.Download and install the phone eraser software on Windows or Mac. 

2.Connect your iPhone to computer and choose one data erasure mode. You can choose to erase all data if you need to completely wipe your iPhone.


3.The program will start to analyze all the data (including both the existing and deleted data) in your device. 

4.When the analyze finishes, you will see all the photos be listed in the "Photos" category. 

5.Preview the photos by names and created date, choose photos to delete permanently and hit the "Erase Now" button.



  • The "1-Click Scan" function on home screen is only designed to scan and list all the files on your iOS devices including those deleted ones. If you select this option, you need go back home and choose one mode from "Erasing All Data", "Erasing Deleted Data" or "Erasing Private Data" to erase data.

  • The erased photos can not be restored after deleting by any means, so do backup your important iPhone files before confirming to erase.