How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8/S7

August 03 2017 20:39 pm/ Post By Yoli Software to Android Transfer

The use of Android smartphones have been making waves in the technology industry, while some are purchasing new phones, some others are changing their phones from one brand to another. This dynamism has been common among top mobile phone brands. When you switch from an old iPhone to a new Samsung like the Galaxy S8 or S7, would you want to transfer all the contacts to the new device easily? Here is a guide to help you erase the stress without any risk involved. Totally there are 3 methods, keep reading.


Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung with Phone Transfer Software

Yolisoft Phone to Phone Transfer is the ultimate and best desktop tool you can use to transfer data from a mobile device to another. The main advantage of using this method is because of it simplicity, as it can be completed within few mouse clicks without any added task. And to use this method in transferring contacts you don't necessarily need to be a computer literate. 

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Steps to Transfer Contact List from Old iPhone to New Samsung Galaxy

  1. Install and run the Yolisoft Phone to Phone Transfer program.

  2. Connect both devices to the computer using USB cables. Ensure both phones can be connected and recognized by the computer system. If not, please visit the Apple and Samsung's official website to install a proper driver first.

  3. After the two phones are identified by the program, set iPhone as the source phone, and Samsung as the destination phone. Mark "Contacts" and hit the start copy button. It doesn't take much time, the process ought to be finished in few minutes depending on the capacity of contacts saved on your iPhone. 



  • This software can also be used for transferring multimedia files like videos, music and pictures; and other database files like messages and call history.

  • The iPhone models supported include the: iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPhone 6/6Plus/6S/6S Plus, iPhone 4S/3GS, iPhone 7/7Plus.

  • The Samsung models supported include the: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, S7/S7 Edge, Note 7/5, S6/S6 Edge, C9, S5, A9/5, J7, etc.

Sync iPhone Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S8/S7 with iCloud 

This is also an easy and fast alternative method. It requires a few steps: 

  1. Enable iCloud backup option on iPhone, turn on Contact backup and connect your iPhone to WIFI. Make sure your contacts are backed up to iCloud.

  2. Visit in web browser, select the icon for contacts listed on the main screen. You then find the little gear icon at the bottom of left corner to choose Export vCard, which stores all your contacts in vcf file.

  3. Move the .vcf file to the root folder of your Samsung phone.

  4. In the People app on Samsung, import the .vcf file.


Copy Contacts from iPhone to Samsung with iTunes

To start, please connect your iPhone to computer, then run the iTunes application. 

  1. In iTunes, click the icon represents your iPhone to go to the details panel of your device.

  2. On the left, hit "Info" -> tick on "Sync Contacts With" -> select "Google Contacts".

  3. Sign in your Google account, and click "Apply". After that, your contacts will be synced to Google account.

  4. On your new Samsung phone, log in with the same Google account, so Google will download the contacts.