Best Solution to Trim Video Clips (YouTube Included)

August 03 2017 21:51 pm/ Post By Amber to Video Editing Tutorial

Many people have the habit to record videos in daily life for various circumstances. But are your videos actually perfect like what you want? Is there any unwanted part in your video clips? Do you need turn them into good-looking ones? For example, when you capture video on your camera, some footage will be spoilt by bad light, noise or other problems. If you do not want such useless parts and change this rough clip into a more attracting one, you'd better remove all the unnecessary parts. 

Now here comes the only question: How to trim video clips including YouTube videos, with the most efficient way? If you are troubled with the similar question, you will have interest in the following tutorial which will offer the top video clip trimmer software for you.


Trim Video Editor for Windows/Mac

To complete this task, Yolisoft Video Editor is considered as the best choice for you. Its intuitive design makes it simple for anyone to become a great video editor. It is not only a video clip trimmer, but also an one-stop video editing software. According to your needs, you can download the Windows or Mac version to your computer. After installation, follow the instructions below to use the program.

download-windows-version.png   download-mac-version.png

Step 1: Import Video Files in Various Formats

After you launch this software, click "Import" on the top and select the video file from your computer or simply drag and drop the videos into the User's Albums. Video clips in all popular and regular formats are supported, like MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, 3GP, M4V, MTS, MKV, MOD, TOD, MPEG, FLV, etc.

Note: If you want to trim a YouTube video, firstly you need to rely on a trusted YouTube downloader to download it. Then import the YouTube video as above.


Step 2: Trim (YouTube) Video Clips on Timeline

Now come down to the most important part. If the useless part of your video is at the beginning or at the end, just trim it out when hanging your mouse at the edge of the video clips until the trim icon appears. If the unwanted part of your video clip is in the middle, first of all you need to split the video, then drag the playhead on the unneeded part and hit the dustbin icon to delete it. 


Step 3: Export Your Trimmed Video 

Once you complete the trimming, tap "Create" to save the trimmed video. If you want to save it on computer, just select "Format" to set the output format you want. Saving to "Device" means you can play it on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch later. You can also choose to share it to social platform like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.