How to Extract Data from iTunes Backup Selectively

August 16 2017 02:26 am/ Post By Jeffrey to iTunes Extractor

Officially, Apple recommends its iOS device users to make backups via iTunes. When a user connects an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to computer, he/she can use iTunes to sync and backup data on the device automatically. An iTunes backup file contains almost all of a device's data and settings. Meanwhile, there is no limitation to the backup storage. As long as your PC or Mac has enough free space, you can make a backup of all your vital data as you like. To check the devices you backed up, go to iTunes -> Preferences -> Devices, and you will see a list of backups with device name and backup date and time.


The next time you lose data, you can try to restore your device from a backup. However, the chief drawback of this way to restore data is that you will lose all the current data and settings on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and your device will be completely returned to a previously saved state. In addition, iTunes backups are read-only databases, you can't open them by any default programs on your computer. If you want to view some photos or contact information in the backup directly, sorry you can't.

Hence some people would want to extract certain types of data from iTunes backup, and save them in readable formats or get them back to iDevice selectively. Cassie is one of the example:

"I have many large iTunes backup files on PC, and I need to extract media files from a recent backup. How can I do it? Please give me a detailed guide to follow."

How to Extract Data from iTunes Backup?

Some tools are specialized in doing this job. Yolisoft iPhone Backup Extractor is a smart utility you can use to extract data from iTunes backup. File types you can extract include photos, contacts, SMS, iMessages, videos, movies, notes, reminders, calendars, voice memos, safari bookmarks, WhatsApp, and more. The iTunes backup files for any of your iOS devices like the iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, are all compatible.

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Step1: Run the iTunes Backup Extractor. Then the software can easily detect backups from any apple devices automatically.

Step2: Choose the backup file contains the desired data you want and click Next to begin the extraction. (Tips: if your backup is encrypted, please input the password following the hint.)

Step3: All the data in the backup will be presented in categories. Mark the files you need & hit Recover to save them to computer. 


Tips: the data you extracted from iTunes backup will be saved in various formats. For example, the contacts will be saved in vCard format; the messages, call history, etc will be saved in html, txt, csv format; the multimedia files will be saved in original file format and quality. Have a look at the output folder, and you'll get all what you need.