[Solved Problem] Fix TinyUmbrella Not Working

December 12 2017 02:53 am/ Post By Jeffrey to iOS Recovery

TinyUmrella is widely used by some iPhone users to downgrade to a previous version of iOS by bypassing the Apple servers. So there is no doubt that this is a great choice when you suffer unexpected problems with your current version. However, TinyUmbrella itself is not always functional well. The problem "TinyUmbrella not working" has been discussed in many Apple forums for a long time. Here you can find some common situations with fixed methods in this post. 


Part 1: How to Fix TinyUmbrella Not Working Problem

There are many reasons may cause this issue and we can take a brief look at these reasons:

  • Wrong version of Java: for Windows users, you need download the 32-bit version of Java no matter which version of Windows you are using.

  • Firewall protection: sometimes your firewall will prevent this TinyUmbrella for safety.

  • Loss of SHSH files: changing the folder containing SHSH files will break the path and make it unaccessible. 

In the following part, we will analyze some concrete situations and the corresponding methods. 

1. TinyUmbrella won't work on Windows 10/8/7

If TinyUmbrella can not work or open on your Windows computer, you need disable the anti-virus and Windows defender first. Then check and install your iTunes and Java to the latest version. Next right click this software icon and choose "Properties". At last, run this program in compatibility mode.

2. Unable to validate libraries

If you encounter the "Unable to Validate Reticulating Splines" message, you can try as follows:

  • launch Windows Explorer and navigate to C: Users/Your User Name/. shsh/. cache/.

  • delete the Lib-Win.jar file and download a new one.

  • put the new file to the same folder as the deleted ones.

  • reopen TinyUmbrella.

3. TinyUmbrella's TSS server is not running

When you're using TinyUnbrella, you may encounter the "Cannot Start TSS Service" error with a popping-up message "TinyUmbrella's TSS server is not running". You need run it with Administrator privileges. Then check whether Port 80 is accommodating another software. Next open Windows Task Manager and click the "Details" button to check if this program is using Port 80. Finally restart TinyUmbrella.

Part 2: An Alternative for TinyUmbrella

Gernerally speaking, people always choose TinyUmbrella to give up the current iOS version when suffer some unknown or unfixed system problems. So if all the above methods can not help you out, you'd better select one professional iOS system recovery software to make it normal. Then the very first thing that comes to mind is the Yolisoft iPhone Data Recovery, which works well for users with many utilities like system recovery, data recovery, screen recorder, data eraser, etc. 

download-windows-version.png   download-mac-version.png

Step 1: Launch this iOS system recovery tool and choose "System Recovery" part after downloading and installing it on your computer. 


Step 2: Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to computer and click "Start" button after recognition.

Step 3: Download a compatible firmware package for your device. Select the recommended version or the one you want to download. 

Step 4: This program will repair your iOS after downloading. This will take about 10 minutes to finish this process.