Recommended Software/Apps to Record WeChat Video Call on iOS

August 03 2017 21:19 pm/ Post By Jeffrey to iOS Recorder

WeChat is a popular messaging & calling application which allows you to free connect with your friend circle all around the world. It is an all-in-one instant messenger app because of its multiple ways provided in communication, including video calls, audio calls, text (SMS/MMS), photo sharing, etc. In your daily use, there must be some funny/interesting/important moments you want to capture or record during the WeChat video calls. So the question - how to record WeChat video call, has become a hot topic these days.  


Top 2 Solutions to Record WeChat Video Call on iPhone/iPad

From the emails and complains, we've found most of the people that encounter this kind of problem are Apple users. Due to the strict privacy rules of Apple, screen recording on iOS devices becomes a hard job. So here we will lay stress on the top tools for you to solve this issue.

Top 1: Yolisoft iPhone/iPad Recorder

Yolisoft iPhone/iPad Recorder is highly recommended according to various users' feedback. It allows you to reflect and record any screen activities on your iOS devices to computer without jailbreak. Both a Windows and Mac version of the program are available. You can easily stream and record WeChat video call with audios on your iDevices like iPhone 7(+)/6(+)/6S(+), iPad Pro, etc with it by taking advantages of iOS's AirPlay mirroring function. Here are the steps:

download-windows-version.png  download-mac-version.png

  1. Install and run the software.

  2. Connect your iPhone and computer under the same WiFi network.

  3. Enable AirPlay function to make your device and this software being connected to each other.

  4. Start a WeChat video call and record it simultaneously by tapping on the "Start recording" icon.



  • No jailbreak.

  • Maintain audios.

  • Simple steps, no complex computing skills are needed.

  • Various output formats, such as MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV and many more.

  • Directly share to YouTube, ShowMore, Facebook, Dropbox and etc.

Top 2: iRec Pro

iRec Pro is also a great WeChat video call recorder for iOS users. Only in some specific countries, the app can be downloaded. It is available in the iTunes App store. In order to get the app, you need to install iTunes on your computer. This app makes use of the built-in hardware on your iOS device to capture website activities. Simple clicks are needed to capture Wechat video call with it:

Sign in with an active iTunes account -> tap camera icon at the top-left to start recording -> start your WeChat video call -> click the stop button as you want.


  1. As it only captures web pages happens within the app, you will need to adjust the video call dimension to the right size.

  2. The recorded contents will be saved in the Camera Roll by default. 


  • Without jailbreak.

  • Several clicks to complete.


  • The app may not be accessible in your country.

  • Not everything on your iDevices can be recorded.

  • No flexible output settings.