Two Methods to Convert MP3 Song to iPhone Ringtone

August 03 2017 21:48 pm/ Post By Jeffrey to Audio Converter

Do you find it difficult to customize your ringtones on iPhone? Do you want to create your unique iPhone ringtones from MP3 song files instead of purchasing and downloading? Actually most iPhone users may have encountered such kind of questions and recently we have received an email from an iPhone 7 user:

Hey guys, I don't want to use the monotonous ringtone on my new iPhone 7. In fact, there are many great songs in my music library. Do you have any safe and easy ways to set my songs into ringtones on iPhone? 

If you have the same doubt like above, you have come to the right place. This article will describe two top ways in details to solve this hot issue. 

Method 1: Convert MP3 to M4R using iTunes

Method 2: Convert MP3 Song to iPhone Ringtone without iTunes

Method 1: Convert MP3 to M4R using iTunes 

M4R is the only format that iPhone ringtone supports, which is a variant of the M4A audio file type. This limitation might drive you crazy when you want to set the purchased music as your own iPhone ringtone. Luckily, you can turn MP3 into iPhone ringtone format easily with iTunes 12 or later. If your iTunes version doesn't match, you need to update iTunes to the latest.

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer and choose an MP3 music track to use as the source. Right click the song and select "Get Info".

  2. Then go to "Options" to customize ringtone settings. The length should be within 40 seconds.

  3. Enter "File" on the top-left menu and select the "Create AAC version" option under "Convert".

  4. Locate the converted AAC file and rename the ".m4a" extension to ".m4r" by right clicking the file.

  5. Within iTunes, move to "Tones" section, then click "File" and select "Add File to Library" to add this .m4r file. Now sync it to iPhone as a ringtone.


Method 2: Convert MP3 Song to iPhone Ringtone without iTunes

Except iTunes, a professional MP3 to iPhone Ringtone converter can also help in the job. Yolisoft Video Converter is an all-in-one software both in converting audios and videos in various formats. 

download-windows-version.png   download-mac-version.png

Step1: Open this converter after installing it on computer. Import the target MP3 songs into it.

Step2: Go to the drop list of Profile. Select "Apple Device" under "Device" category. Set "M4R for Apple Device (*.m4r)" as the output format. 


Step3: Start the conversion. Once the conversion finishes, trim duration of the converted MP3 songs by changing the start and end time according to your needs.


Step4: Go to Settings -> Sound -> Ringtones on your iOS device to start setting this track as your new ringtone. Choose the converted one to finish the whole process.