How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Oppo R11/R9S/F3

December 12 2017 02:42 am/ Post By Yoli Software to Android Recovery

Advancement in technology has affected almost all facets of human lives. In the past, snapping of pictures or video recording used to be great challenge. This is due to the fact that everybody in the society relied completely on the services of a photographer to take a picture or video coverage of their activities. All these has become issues of the past as the emergence of smart phones has made snapping pictures and taking video records an easy task that anybody can do.

Overtime, different smart phones have been introduced into the market and one of the most trending brands of smart phones is the Oppo mobile. Oppo has variety of smart phones, some of the most popular products produced by this China based manufacturer are - Oppo R11, R9s and F3. These smart phones all have unique features and functions that make them the best choice for people around the world especially the Asian market. What's more, Oppo has been featured with its good image quality and video features. This is why people that have used this product before always like to keep it. 


One of the challenges most people using Oppo smart phone face is losing meaningful photos in the camera. You may delete some important photos by mistake, or the files get missing after factory reset, Android OS update, etc. Recover deleted pictures from Oppo can be easy if you pick up a right tool. In order to solve this challenge, creative thinkers and innovators came up with unique and fascinating software known as Android data recovery software.

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from Oppo R11/R9S/F3, etc

Yolisoft Android Data Recovery is designed to help recover lost pictures and videos from Oppo Smart phones, including Oppo R11, Oppo R9S (Plus), Oppo F3 (Plus), Oppo A77, Oppo A57, Oppo F1s, Oppo F1 Plus, and more. It is the first Android recovery software in the world and has been rated as having the highest data recovery rate in the industry. This software does not only recover lost or deleted multimedia files, but it also recovers messages, contacts, WhatsApp chats, etc. It is compatible with Oppo Smart phones and all other devices using android operating system. 

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Step 1: The first step is to install the Android data recovery software on your computer. Once installed, ensure that you keep the application running.

Step 2: Once you are certain that the application is running, the next step is to connect your Oppo phone where the deleted photos were initially saved to your computer. It is always advisable to enable USB debugging on your Oppo phone so as to be readable by the computer. To make this process easy, it is better the phone is charged before working on it.

Step 3: The next step is to locate gallery on the system and click on next to continue. After the program has done the necessary scan, the deleted pictures and videos will be displayed in the scan result. 

Step 4: Preview is available. Check the images you need to bring back and retrieve deleted pictures from Oppo.