HTC U11 Data Recovery - Recover Deleted Photos, SMS, Contacts, etc From HTC U11

December 12 2017 02:37 am/ Post By Yoli Software to Android Recovery

Recently, HTC has its newest smart phone released, name is U11. U11 provides a brand new choice of selecting smart phone. HTC has loaded the U11 with plenty interesting features makes it stands above other android phones.

Highlight Features I Thought You Should Know:

  1. Excellent audio performance. U11's USonic system now has Active Noise Cancellation function, highly promote your listening experience.

  2. Amazing phone design with two-tone coloring. You can see the color changes when you look at your phone from different angle, an extremely eye-catching design.

  3. Unique "Squeeze" operation, a very creative concept that can enrich your operation experience. 

If you are a person who likes to try new things, then this new smart phone definitely worth a try.

Data Loss on HTC U11

I believe when you got your new HTC U11, the first thing to do is getting knows about your new phone. Sometimes unpleasant things happen: you accidentally deleted your important photos or some important contacts' information due to some mis-operations. When you meet troubles like these what should you do? Let me tell you how to restore your important data on your HTC U11.


First Thing To Do When Data Loss Happens

You should turn off your phone immediately. When phone power is on, the operating system will write data automatically. So the data you lost has the chance to be overwritten by new data, by that time your lost data will never can be find back. If you have to use your HTC for some urgencies, then please at least turn off internet ability, and prohibit apps' self upgrade function.

How to Recover Deleted Photos, Videos, Contacts, etc from HTC U11

Now, you need a professional android data recovery tool to help you recover data from HTC U11. Yolisoft Android Data Recovery Tool is a very smart choice. This software can help you recover almost every data (Photos, Videos, Text Messages, Contacts, WhatsApp, Viber, Music and more) on your phone. And it has a very user-friendly interface, extremely easy to use. In few steps, then you can get your lost data back.

download-windows-version.png   download-mac-version.png

Step 1: Launch the HTC U11 Data Recovery Software

At first, you should download and install the software. When you run it, choose Data Recovery.

Step 2: Connect Phone to PC and Allow Authorization

Connect your U11 to your computer by using USB cable. Then the software needs to identify your device, please enable your phone's USB debugging function. Pay attention to your phone's pop-up notice asking if you want to authorize this computer. ("OK" of course)


Step3: Select File Types to Scan

Follow the instruction to select which types of data you want to recover. Clicking "All", the software will scan all recoverable files on your HTC U11.

Step 4: Retrieve Deleted Photos, Contacts, WhatsApp, Messages, etc from HTC U11

Click "Start" to scan lost data. After scanning, you can preview and select the data you want to recover.


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